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A surprisingly useful venn diagram, by which I mean any useful venn diagram is surprising.  

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Old Schoolhouse on a back road.

Oh the good ole’ days…

Tomorrow is a snow day, YAY! Warm beds, hot tea, and slippers!


"Er, yes…well…I’ll just be taking this and…"


"Er, yes…well…I’ll just be taking this and…"

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I've always wanted to ask someone this and I think you'd be a great person to ask. So, I know everyone on tumblr is always saying how a woman can sleep with whoever she wants and with how ever many people she wants, and shouldn't be judged for it. But in my opinion, I think ANYONE, female or male, who has many sexual partners, is kind of being irresponsible and maybe not respecting their bodies/minds/souls like they should. Is that a totally archaic opinion for me to have? Is it slut-shaming?



I don’t think you can come to those conclusions on the basis of the amount of sex they’re having, only through how they treat the people they’re sleeping with, and whether it’s coming from an insecurity or addiction. Some people just have a lot of sex. Sex itself isn’t inherently wrong / bad / disrespectful. It can be fun / intimate / serious / casual / a celebration of physicality / a celebration of non physicality or all of the above.

Obviously safe sex is key, but I think that comes into respecting yourself and your partner and also the context of your relationship (obviously if you are trying to have a child with someone, condoms aren’t the best way to go). I think we have to step away from a default that having a lot of sex is a negative thing / harmful in some way to your body / mind / soul, because I am of the opinion that sex itself can’t harm you, but the situation can. And that situation depends on where you’re at, where the other person is at, and the level of respect between the pair of you.

I don’t think it’s archaic or slut shaming. I think it’s a contemporary view for many people. But I do think that it’s important to understand that some people respect their bodies through the very action of having sex. Did that help? It might not have.

Fuck you lucy -Atmosphere 

Fuck you lucy -Atmosphere 

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) demanded that a panel of experts justify why America’s shrinking middle class should continue to subsidize the nation’s wealthiest family in a heated exchange Thursday during a congressional panel.